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Tammy graciously began began as a volunteer in June 2019 and became part-time staff in April 2020.  Tammy has faithfully and sacrificially given of her time, talents and heart in tending to the needs of individuals as well as assisting with a host of administrative details.


Tammy has served in ministry in a variety of capacities since she was a teenager. She loves the Lord, loves His Word and has a tremendous desire for others to come to do the same. Tammy has a powerful testimony of the Lord’s hand across her life and has much to offer in the way of helping others to overcome life’s obstacles in order to live the life Christ died to give them. 


If you would like an opportunity to meet with her, you can reach her by phone or email: 


(540) 280-9062



Here is a word from Tammy herself:

The Shenandoah Valley has been a place to call home for me since birth. As a young teenager, I began chasing the dream of working in the corporate world, while all along taking my first steps into music ministry. During college I began working in various administrative capacities, as well as continuing with music ministry, even though I knew deep in my heart God had other plans and purposes for me.

As life continued to unfold and I continued to sense God’s leading, I began working toward my ministerial credentials, which quickly came to a halt due to struggles, trauma, pain, and losses in my life. In the midst of such trials and heartache, and my journey through healing and restoration, God began to shift my heart in other ministry directions and began to lay out before me opportunities to be His hands and heart extended through counseling, women’s ministries, and discipleship, as well as the long awaited opportunity to complete my ministerial credentialing.

I have a deep affection for Christ and am passionate about prayer and imparting the truths of His Word to those who are hurting and in need of redemption. I love people and am devoted and eager to lead them to a place where they experience their healing and freedom in Christ, and all He has for them to walk out in an abundant life. My heart enjoys engaging with those who are struggling in relationships, strongholds, and various issues of life, and discipling others in their faith and spiritual walk with Christ.

One of my greatest pleasures is parenting two wonderful gifts from God, my children. I enjoy spending time with them, studying the Word, and just simply sitting under a tree beside a river somewhere soaking in the goodness of God.

Meet Tammy Persinger

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