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Isaiah 61 Ministries, Inc.

Isaiah 61 Ministries, Inc. opened its doors January 2019. God has already gone above and beyond any of my wildest hopes and dreams of what this ministry would become and how it would be used to impact lives for Christ.  Isaiah 61 Ministries was birthed out of my own personal journey through much pain and loss over the course of my lifetime to a place of healing, wholeness and freedom in Jesus Christ.  The whole premise of the ministry is this: as God has worked in the circumstances of my life for my good and His glory, I am passionate for others to experience the same thing in their own lives.  For 20 years, God gave me ample opportunity to minister to others in their own difficult seasons of life through a lay counseling ministry in my local church, but it was time to take this ministry into the community and into other avenues in order to make it more accessible to others.  It was then that Isaiah 61 Ministries, Inc. was born.


Though I am not a degreed or licensed counselor, I do abide by the ethics of professional counseling.  I also have the utmost respect for those providing professional and licensed mental health resources and have personally benefited from their services.  I am committed to maintaining a comprehensive referral list for those who require professional and/or medical assistance in their healing process.  However, I also believe a component of healing can only come from God and am honored to work with individuals and families alongside the professional community to do my part to insure God is included in the healing process.

And finally, I am very much aware far too many individuals simply cannot afford counseling services.  Isaiah 61 Ministries seeks to remove the financial hindrances to receiving counseling resources and services by operating as a non-profit organization with funding coming through tax-deductible contributions from individuals, businesses and local church communities.  

The whole idea defies all logic!  All I can say...only God!!!  I am blown away and cannot wait to see all that is yet to come!

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