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Nathan: Still a Gift of God

by Teresa C. Sours

$12 plus shipping

Nathan: Still a Gift of God is two amazing stories in one.  First, it tells the story of a little boy named Nathan—his miraculous birth, medically-involved life, and untimely death.  But there is another story woven into the fabric of this book that will speak straight to the heart of anyone who has experienced devastating loss in their life.  It is this second story that tells of a mother’s heart going through the trials and struggles of having a son with significant health issues only to find herself living in the aftermath of his death.  Teresa gives the reader a very real and deeply personal look into her life as she faced a mother’s worst nightmare. She also shares her journey out of the pit of grief and despair to the place where she found true healing and wholeness in Christ. Throughout this book and in the everyday lives of Teresa and those who knew him, you will find that Nathan was and still is a true gift of God.

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