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Broken for Me

And they told about the things that had happened on the road, and how He was known to them in the breaking of bread. Luke 24:35

After the two followers of Jesus had their walk with the Lord on the road to Emmaus and came to realize Him as the Risen Savior, the Bible says they “rose up that very hour” and went to tell the disciples what had happened. In recounting the details of their encounter, they made the point Jesus was “made known to them in the breaking of bread.” It was that seemingly simple, mundane act of breaking off a piece of bread that sparked a whole new reality for them.

It wasn’t by chance or a coincidence Jesus revealed Himself in the breaking of bread. The last time He had “broken bread” with them was at Passover, the Last Supper, just before He died and became the ultimate and final Passover Lamb. As I read this verse from Luke, I can almost hear the click, click, click of the lightbulbs going off for those who were witnesses of what would never again be a simple, mundane act. That breaking of bread was absolutely a profound and mindboggling demonstration of all that had just happened!!! Jesus is that Bread…Jesus is the Bread that was broken so harshly and cruelly…Jesus is the Bread that was broken and His blood poured out…Jesus is the Bread broken and freely given to all who will receive. Talk about an object Lesson by the Master Teacher!!! And a lesson for me today.

When I find myself struggling, confused, doubting the very words of Jesus and even Jesus Himself, I would do well to remember the One Who was broken for me. I would also do well to remember it is in these seasons and circumstances that I, myself, am being broken; and it is in and through my own brokenness that I come to know Him more intimately and am made more into His image. This brings me to yet another lesson I’m learning about brokenness. As I grow in my understanding of Jesus being broken for me, and as I am coming to know Him more intimately through my own brokenness, I find myself to be just like those early followers. I cannot keep it to myself! I simply MUST rise up and go tell! Go tell other believers and encourage them in their own walks. Go tell those who do not yet know, “Jesus was broken for you too!” We are told, even warned, in this life there will be brokenness of all sorts and varieties. So, if I’m gonna be broken, please Lord Jesus, let it be to your glory, use it that I might know you more fully and bless it to the benefit of others!!!

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