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Spiritual Lesson from a 3-year Old

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

And lead us not into temptation,

but deliver us from the evil one. Matthew 6:13

I have the joy of spending time with my grandsons each week and you just never know what the day may hold with a 3-year old and an almost 1 year old! There is lots of laughter at the antics of my 3-year old and much excitement at the milestones of my almost 1-year old. In addition to enjoying grandma-hood, I very much believe I am called of the Lord to invest into their little lives and hearts, just as we read in the Bible of how Timothy had a grandmother who poured into him. So each week we have what I have termed “Grandma’s Bible School” where we focus on a particular story or character of the Bible with all sorts of activities to drive home the truths connected with it. These last couple weeks, we have been looking at the story of creation including Adam and Eve. We’ve learned about the bad angel Lucifer and how he thought he could be like God and as a result got thrown out of Heaven. Then this bad angel we call Satan or the devil made himself look like a snake and he tricked Adam and Eve into being disobedient to God and as a result they were thrown out of their beautiful garden. This week we talked about how Satan or the devil never gives up trying to trick people into disobeying God. He even tried to trick Jesus in the desert. We talked about the three temptations and how not once did Jesus disobey God and because Jesus knows how to not let the devil trick Him, Jesus can help us not get tricked by the devil when he tries to get us to disobey God. Now I’m going to be completely honest. Never have I been more intimidated in trying to teach the truth of God’s Word! I want so much to put truth into terms a 3-year old can understand but wanting it to be accurate at the same time. You just never know how a 3-year old is processing what you are saying to him!! As I finished explaining how Jesus can help us not be tricked by the devil to be disobedient, totally unprompted, Nathan folded his hands and got down into the pillow on the couch and said “We gotta pray!” I asked him, “So what do you think we need to pray?” Then my 3-year old prayed this simple yet profound prayer: “Dear God help me not to be tricked by the devil. Amen.” There ya have it! Out of the mouth of babes!! No bells. No whistles. No big, fancy words. Plain and simple. Now who’s teaching who??!!

Never too proud to learn a spiritual lesson from a 3-year old!!!

“Dear God, help me not be tricked by the devil. Amen.”

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