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Updated: Apr 5, 2020

You never know what a day will bring! Within seconds, I get a FB message, a voice mail and an email all informing me there is water pouring from the office door of Isaiah 61 Ministries into the hallway! More phone calls only confirm there is a problem and even more to begin the task of dealing with it. Long story short, a water line in the ceiling busted and sent water pouring into the waiting area of the office. Eventually a part of the ceiling fell and even more had to be removed before the water leak could be fixed but not before the floors below were saturated. At the end of a very long afternoon and evening, I sat by myself in the office. The noise of the industrial size dehumidifiers and fans blaring in my ears. Furniture pushed here and there helter-skelter throughout the office. Mops, buckets and trash cans used to catch the water scattered here and there. Pizza boxes from our dinner eaten amidst the clutter. Thoughts of all that had to be fixed. More drywall having to come out. Floors possibly needing to be replaced. I just wanted to have me a good cry! I honestly had a fleeting thought of canceling my appointments scheduled for the next day, maybe even the rest of the week. Maybe shutting things down until all the reconstruction was completed and things were back to normal. How can I counsel people who are hurting and struggling in this mess?! But before I could even fully formulate all of that into a complete thought, I felt compelled to get up. I did and walked over to the doorway with the gaping hole in the ceiling above, got down on my knees with my face to the floor and declared “God, You are still God!” I began praising Him as God Most High! I then declared again my calling to minister to those who are hurting. I declared again God is the One Who established Isaiah 61 Ministries. God is the One Who made this office space possible in the first place. A water leak doesn’t change any of that! I then got up off the floor and walked through the entire office space once again declaring all of it His and for His purposes. I finally declared this attempt by the enemy to come against Isaiah 61 Ministries and what God is about here will not succeed and instead, it would be business as usual!!! We may have an obstacle course to maneuver through to get to my office, we may have to put up with a little noise—ok, a LOT of noise! We may have any number of challenges in the days and even weeks ahead as we work through the aftermath of a leaky water line. I may eventually have myself a good cry…or two! But one way or the other, Isaiah 61 Ministries, Inc. will operate as usual and be about the business God has decreed over it!! We WILL be about the ministry of helping people find their healing, wholeness and freedom in Christ!!! Amen & Amen!!!

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