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Laying a Foundation

As the renovations in the new office continue, I find myself more than a bit conflicted. My daughter has kept me up-to-date with video calls to show me the latest developments. Currently, the painting of the walls will soon be finished and the new flooring is down in three rooms, the storage closet and is starting down the hallway. That’s where I find my conflict.

Prior to quarantine, I would regularly visit the new office to add more scriptures to the subflooring, many of which have been sent by friends, family and supporters of the ministry along with a whole host of my own. I found myself there quite often as I didn’t realize just how much floor space there was until I started writing scripture! Each time, I would always leave with an assortment of dirt, dust and perhaps as much permanent marker on me as I had left on the floor! More than once, I scraped up against a staple or nail that had been overlooked and still needed to be removed. Yet even so, there has been something unique…special…at times almost sacred, about being down on my knees scratching scripture into the rough texture of that plywood. Occasionally, I would have tears in my eyes as I wrote. Several times, more like streams. Crawling around on the floor with those scriptures made them all the more real and reminded me of times in my life when I had clung to those very words for hope, strength and healing. I praised God all over again for the work and transformation He has done in my life!!! (More tears!) Then I cried out to Him to do it again! “Do it again, Lord, in the lives of everyone who will come across that threshold and into this office! Make Your Word and Your promises a reality in the lives of all who would come seeking healing and hope!”

These scriptures are being covered up now as the flooring is going down. And the new floor looks wonderful!! But I’m honestly going to miss walking through the office and seeing God’s Word EVERYWHERE I place my foot! Even the subflooring in the storage closet is covered in scripture!! While I will no longer “see” the words etched into the dust and dirt, I will always know the foundation that was laid in God’s Word. And I will always treasure my time on my knees putting it there!!!

The video doesn’t even begin to do justice to actually being there and walking through. Yes, it’s hard to read but I trust you can get the heart of what it means to me to have Isaiah 61 Ministries literally built and set on God’s Word.

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