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Happy Birthday!

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Nathan's 2nd Birthday

Twenty-eight years ago today (December 2, 1991), Dave and I were in the operating room where I was having an emergency c-section because of complications with the health and well-being of our unborn son. We were a bundle of nerves and emotions as there were uncertainties as to whether our baby would even live. Then, if he did, there were so many unknowns as to brain damage, handicapping conditions and a multitude of health concerns, mostly related to his urinary system. But our little one came into the world screaming at the top of his lungs (which became a very familiar sound in the years to come!) and beat the odds, being perfectly healthy other than significant urinary issues. Nathaniel David was born—“David,” of course, after his father and “Nathaniel” meaning “gift of God.”

Fast forward to one year ago today when God brought about yet another miracle “birth” as we held the open house for Isaiah 61 Ministries, Inc. Once again God defied human logic and reasoning as He opened the doors for me to be the director of a Biblical counseling ministry. Me…a little girl from Love, VA, with only a high school education and absolutely nothing to qualify me other than an invitation and calling from God to help people find their own healing as He had so graciously done for me. Yep! Another miracle and I intentionally chose December 2nd for the open house as a very fitting remembrance of Nathan and to acknowledge the fact he was very much the catalyst God used to call me into a life of ministry.

These past couple of weeks, I have been doing much reflection as I have been putting together my first official newsletter for Isaiah 61. (If you would like to receive the newsletter and others to come, please send me your address and/or email address and you can be part of Isaiah 61’s Family and Friends.) I am in absolute awe and amazement as to all the Lord has accomplished over this past year in and through Isaiah 61 Ministries! But even more, I am awed and amazed at all God has done in my own life and especially in my personal relationship with Him…utterly amazed!

More than ever before, I see just how fitting it was for our son to be named “Nathaniel.” Truly, Nathan was and is my “gift of God” who God purposed to use in my life to bring me into a deep abiding relationship with Him and to prepare me for a life of ministry. And this gift lives on as I continue to seek even more in my relationship with the Lord and as I now minister out of the recently birthed Isaiah 61 Ministries. How I praise my God for the gift of Nathan who continues to impact my life and in turn the lives of so many others!!!!

Happy 28th birthday to you sweet Nathan! And happy 1st birthday to Isaiah 61 Ministries! May there be much cause for continued celebration in the years to come!!!

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