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Thank You, God for Do-Overs!

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

The Lord didn’t waste any time answering my prayer for Him to speak to me the things I needed to hear pertaining to His Kingdom! Having just come through the Easter season and with Pentecost coming in just a few short weeks, I

was seeking the Lord for insight as to what it means to live post-resurrection and to live in the aftermath of the pouring out of His Spirit. I barely got my prayer request out of my mouth when I “heard” God quietly yet profoundly say to me, “Holy Spirit can’t fill you if you are filling yourself.” God didn’t waste any time bringing to mind all sorts of ways I fill myself! With food, busyness, TV, news, social media…allowing all sorts of interruptions, distractions, fears and doubts to hijack my time, energies and thoughts. Even “good” things can get in the way of the “better” things. I regularly pray for God to “fill me to overflow” in order that there might be more than enough of Him to go around, not only for myself, but for those I encounter in the course of my day. Obviously, God will do His part! But once again, I have allowed too much to get in His way. And once again, I need to do some internal and external “spring cleaning” and stop being a hindrance to my own prayers.

Thank You God for Your gentle corrections and for your grace in allowing me a “do-over”…again!

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