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Birthing a Ministry

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

It’s amazing to me the parallels of birthing a baby and birthing a ministry! Both are quite the process! Being a parent begins as a far away dream, then a hope and eventually a plan. But even once you become pregnant, it takes awhile before the reality sets in that you are going to give birth to a new life. And then the actual birthing process can be quite an adventure! (Can I get an Amen! from all the moms?!) But finally that dream becomes a reality—you have a baby!

Well, the “birthing" process is an amazing analogy for me as I have very much felt like I've been awaiting the arrival of a different kind of “baby.” Isaiah 61 Ministries is a dream the Lord gave me years ago, though I have not yet been able to pinpoint a specific time. It is something I have greatly desired but it took a very long time before I actually believed it might happen one day. I recently found a prayer in my journals dated May 26, 2006, almost 13 years ago! At some point I may share the entire prayer but I began that prayer with this simple request:

Lord, I’m praying for the birth

of Isaiah 61 Ministries.

And today, as I launch my website, I am yet another step closer to my God-given dream becoming a reality!

Over a year ago, I felt like I finally made it to the "delivery room" and have been in "labor" ever since, regularly experiencing the "birthing pains" of getting a ministry up and functional. After a lot of paperwork and a visit to the lawyer's office, Isaiah 61 Ministries, Inc. became an official corporation with the State of Virginia on November 8, 2017. It would then take more than seven months (yes, 7 months!) of me battling IRS paperwork to become a Nonprofit 501(c)(3) but that hurdle was officially behind me June 15, 2018. Then the task of finding office space which ended with God going above and beyond in providing and answering some very specific requests for location and cost! And now for the last 2 ½ months, we have been tackling the necessary renovations to the office, which are so close to being finished I can almost taste the sweet victory! All in the midst of a more-than-full-time job AND becoming a grandma to grandson #2!!! WHEW! What a year it has been!!!

I wish I could adequately convey how very much God was and is all over this last year and the birthing process of this ministry!!! Everything has had to be a God-thing! From a worldly perspective, I could say it’s been a DIY project. And yes, I’ve had MUCH help, especially from my family. But in all honesty, it truly has been God. God is the One Who planted the seed all those years ago. God is the One Who has kept the dream alive, even in spite of my times of doubt and unbelief, and there have been many. God is the One Who said 2017 would mark the beginning of the fulfillment of His word to me. And God is the One Who has put the finish line in plain sight!!! I am absolutely school-girl giddy with excitement! Yet, can quickly be reduced to tears at the very thought my God would be so very good to me!!! And just for fun, God timed it all out so I could launch this website on my 54th birthday—is God the best or what?!?!

And just as in childbirth, all the pain, sweat and anguish are fast becoming a distant memory and I am left simply rejoicing! Yes, I am certainly rejoicing for the birth of Isaiah 61 Ministries, Inc., but so much more at the goodness of my God!!!

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